Landmark Blue Pearl Integrative Massage

Choose 60-90-120 minutes​

Regain structural balance, and relieve pain patterns

by blending Swedish, Thai, Myofascial Release, Pain-Free Deep Tissue,

Moving Cups, Craniosacral, Reiki and more.

Traditional Thai Massage

Choose 60-90-120 minutes​

Affectionately nicknamed "Lazy-man's Yoga".

Traditionally received on a soft mat & wearing comfortable clothing.

Rhythmic compressions along Sen lines of the body & passive stretches will release muscle tension, improve postural alignment, relieve chronic pain patterns, lubricate the joints & improve range of motion. 

Safe for all ages, and easily modified to your desired pressure.

Slow Flow & Drift

Choose 60-90-120 minutes​

This treatment is all about gentle touch & ultimate relaxation.

Nurture, pamper, cradle, soothe, heal.

East West Revival Facial

Choose 60-90-120 minutes

Incorporate a holistic facial into a full body massage or

enjoy it as a stand alone service.

Enjoy the organic herbal steam, fresh cut aloe hydration,

contrast hydrotherapy & lymphatic massage focused on

face, head, neck & shoulders. 

Prenatal Massage

Choose 60-90-120 minutes

All the rewards of any menu selection but with

traditional side-lying positioning for your safety.

We encourage massage only in the 2nd & 3rd trimester.

Reiki & Healing Touch

Choose 60-90-120 minutes

Profound healing and relaxation with the gentlest touch

for attunement to the subtle energy body. 

Workplace & Events

Employee wellness, holidays, conferences, wedding parties, sporting events, reunions, more!